I was a vegetarian for 20 years, then I started eating chicken again, and now I can’t STOP. A few days back I came across this post and found myself deeply engrossed in what this guy had to say.

And somehow, I felt like writing this – Why Everyone Should Start Eating Chicken? And here’s what I have to say.

1. Chicken is a source of protein: Who doesn’t want energy from food without facing the risk of gaining weight? Chicken is a great source of lean protein that helps to build muscle and aids in weight loss.

2. Chicken acts as a good antidepressant: Chicken contains an amino acid called tryptophan which helps to tackle depression. If you’re facing stress, eating poultry would increase serotonin levels in your brain and would enhance your mood.

3. Chicken strengthens your bones: Do you know that women face a much higher risk of suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis than men? Senior men and women face the risk of this painful and long lasting disease and that can certainly be prevented if you’re a non vegan.

4. Chicken is good for your heart: Eating chicken reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. If you eat chicken breasts, it scales down the homocysteine (which is an amino acid that causes these kind of diseases) levels.

5. Chicken is a good source of Phosphorous: Chicken has a good effect on your teeth, bones, kidney and liver. Whoever said chicken makes you sick must check his facts.

6. Chicken increases your metabolism: Are you wondering how chicken helps in weight loss? When you eat chicken, your body’s metabolism rate increases leading to shedding of more calories and giving you more energy.

7. Chicken increases appetite: If you thought you don’t need to gain weight instead of losing it, read the title again. Chicken contains zinc which helps to increase the appetite and thus, is a healthy option to gain weight.

8. Chicken improves immunity: It is healthy. It helps you prevent many diseases and strengthens your body as a whole. Oh god! So many health benefits!

9. Chicken spikes testosterone levels: All the guys who are into body building, chicken should be your best friend, after gym of course. Plus, increased testosterone means increased libido, so all the girls out there, make your guys eat lots of chicken 😉

grilled chicken

10. Chicken is tasty: Come on! We have talked so much about health. Let’s come to the main point now. A foodie isn’t a foodie unless he eats chicken. Trust me! If you haven’t ever tasted it, you are just missing something in your life and this, my friend; you can realize only when you start eating chicken.

11. Chicken is a versatile food: People who eat chicken never have to worry about running out of new food combinations. Be it with Maggi or just whole chicken, it always tastes fingerlickin good.

I know, there would be many who would say they did try eating chicken but it made them feel sick. Well, be a little wise. If you have been vegan since a long time, stuffing yourself with chicken at once would obviously make you sick. Make sure to add a new ingredient in your diet gradually to avoid statements like – “chicken makes me feel sick.”

Well, I am ready to face the criticism by people who say I cannot be an animal lover if I am writing this article. Guess what! I wrote this article and I am an animal lover. Why? Because my choices are my decisions, not yours. Stop judging others from what they eat or better try making lion eat grass (if you are wise enough to understand the depth of this statement, if you can’t – feel free to ask).

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