While people who are big fans of shows like How I Met your Mother definitely crave for a lifestyle where Beer would have been a common thing, there are millions of people in India who just get yuck kind of feeling when someone even starts talking about alcohol.  Why people hate alcohol, even beer? Because they think it ruins your life and health. Well, think again for here are some reasons to convince you for why everyone should drink beer, even you (if you don’t drink it already :P).

glass of beer

  1. Beer is good for health: If you drink beer in moderate amount, it gives you a number of health benefits. Beer helps you to prevent weight gain, osteoporosis and even diabetes.
  2. Beer is natural: How many beverages can you find that are completely natural? Beer has alcohol and hops which are natural preservatives. That means beer has no added preservatives. Beer is just cooked, fermented, filtered and packaged just like normal bread is prepared. All natural.
  3. Beer is a Serious Low-Calorie Beverage: Do you know that only natural beverages with lower calories than beer are plain tea, black coffee and water? And beer also has no fat and no cholesterol. It is certainly better than a can of cold drink.
  4. Beer keeps your Kidneys Healthy: According to a study, Beer lowers the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%. So all of those who say alcohol has bad effect on health, think again!
  5. Beer Boosts Levels of Vitamin B: People who drink beer have 36% more content of Vitamin B6 Levels in their body.
  6. Beer is a better fluid for hydration: Beer hydrates your body slightly better than water.
  7. Beer has good antiviral properties: Beer contains a compound called humulone that act as an effective guard against virus, thereby preventing diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis in children.
  8. Beer helps you strengthen the bones: Didn’t we mention this before? Beer helps to preven osteoporosis. Beer has elevated levels of silicon that leads to higher bone density.
  9. Beer reduces the risk of heart attack: Beer drinkers face 40% to 60% reduced risk of suffering from heart attack than people who don’t drink beer.
  10. Beer boosts your memory: The people who drink beer are less likely to suffer from the very scary Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than those who don’t drink beer.
  11. Beer makes your skin beautiful: Now, if the women readers were still not convinced, read this point again. Try bathing in beer for even better skin. Girls! You can also try putting some of it on your hair to make them look better and silky.

This list goes on and on… But I think you’re already convinced. Aren’t you?

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  1. Hi Manpreet,
    Glad to visit your blog again.You have mentioned the good points for the beer. I want to add one also that beer is also advantageous for those who are suffering from stone problem.

    • Hey Gurvi, How are you?
      Glad to see you again over here and I still wish you could read my articles thoroughly 😛
      Kidney stones point is already mentioned. Still, I love your intent to contribute and recognize my efforts. 🙂 <3

  2. Wow! For the first time I had a comment where someone really added up information to the article. Thanks a ton.
    Nice to have you here.

  3. Your post is really amazing and informative. I have also written from inspired by you. please do have a look.

  4. Informative and interesting Blog! Beautifully written, as usual, I like the post. Thank you so much for nice sharing with us. Keep posting!


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