2014 is coming to an end and you cannot just spend the day just like that. There ought to be something special and crazy that you must do to make this day memorable. Here are some crazy things you must do on the last day of the year.

1. Go on a road trip: you know what kind of people is actually awesome? Those who travel, especially those who go on road trips. Begin 2015 being awesome. All you need to do is pack your bag right now and travel.

2. Eat all you want: ever visited a restaurant with an extremely weird menu? Go there again and order everything on the menu. If you think you won’t be able to gulp all the food, invite us.

3. Break up with friend: Sick of being in a relationship which keeps filling in your life with stress? Well, call it off now. Life is too short to be with irritating people. Say goodbye to them today and be happy for the entire New Year.

4. Quit your Job: Are you sick of listening to the endless complaints of your boss? Quit. Tell him how much he sucks and wish him good luck to manage his business without you. Be awesome.

5. Make a video: Do you have camera in your phone? Use it. Make a video. Do anything, sing a song, talk, dance or just fart. Record it and upload it on youtube before the clock strikes 12 tonight.

6. Beg money from Beggars: Ever came across those beggars who keep pinching you until you take out a 10-rupee note to give them? Let them taste their own medicine. Find some beggars, beg for money. (Record it to turn into a fun video 😉 )

7. Do prank calls: Gather phone numbers of all the teachers, professors and hot girls/boys you know. Call them and pretend to be their die-hard lover or a journalist who want to interview them or any crazy person you want to be. Have fun chatting with them 😉

8. Run Naked in the street: LOL! Do it if you are daring enough 😉 Better cover your face or you might face some legal issues in India

9. Cry at the top of your voice: Cry out so loud that the entire society gathers up and people start getting really worried for what happened and then tell them you wanted to meet all of them in person before the New Year kicks in.

10. Get Bankrupt: Withdraw all the money in cash from your bank account, empty all the piggy banks and pockets and spend all of it. You can earn as much as you want in the New Year.

11. Write Love Letters to everyone you love: Your parents, friends, girlfriend, there would be so many people who made you smile in 2014. Instead of just telling them or assuming that they already know it, write a letter on a piece of paper and give it to them on the first day of 2015. Showing real love is crazy but that’s most amazing crazy thing you can do for anyone.

And one more… Don’t forget to tell us which are the ones you actually tried 😉

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    Really really crazy ideas to do at the end of 2014 (last day).

    I will try your 3rd idea : Break up with few irritating friends to make The Year 2015 Beautiful.

    Thanks a lot. And yes – Wish you Happy New Year 2015 🙂 A Great & Successful Year Ahead for you…

    • Hello Akash, Happy New Year.
      And you are welcome… you chose a wise thing to do. One must surround oneself with positive people. Irritating friends aren’t really friends.

  2. Hi Manpreet

    Hats off to u girl … watever u right i simply love it

    I Have tried your 3rd point that is ” Break up with few irritating friends that definitely my Year 2015 will be Beautiful.

    Happy New Year dear .May god bless u and may u write more more and more new and wonderful blogs ….

  3. Amazing ideas. I tried few of them and got pretty amazing buy funny results.

    1. I did road trip on my bike to Leh-Ladakh

    2. Broke up with my girlfriend and her friend is not my girlfriend 😀

    3. Got an increment in the job when I resigned and given resignation to boss 😀

    And much more that can’t be mentioned in the public 😛

    • Hey Aditya,
      Trip to Leh Ladakh on a bike. That’s just wow. It is like the topmost thing in my to-do bucket list.
      And well, you’re really lucky to get an increment that way 😛


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