I know it is a little bit late for this post but I still wanted to do it. Writing 100 posts isn’t a big thing for other bloggers. Some post more than 14 times every single day on their blog but for a blogger like me, who has always been face to face with the devil of inconsistency; it is a very big thing.

manpreet kaur blogger

Finix Post is finally 100 posts old (Now 103). I never had a doubt on my dream but still every single day I had to face an issue which tried to push me back and stop me from achieving this.

Sometimes, I would face writer’s block. No topic would appeal to me or no topic would make sense. Words just couldn’t come out.

Sometimes, I felt the inferiority complex. This is a very common trait of my personality. And I believe this happens to people who possess the nicer version of jealousy – envy. When I would see lot of people making a big name through their blog, I would feel bad for I felt like I couldn’t live my dream properly.

But then, my mind used to say, “It is because of the reason that you have a multi-niche blog.” And then all the comments and unwanted suggestions used to creep in. Dreaming to make a name in the blogging world through a multi-niche blog is considered something next to impossible. I do have examples for the counter argument but those are taken as invalid for they are the ‘exceptions’.

But then, if those exceptions could exist, why couldn’t I? So, every day I used to have this battle and even when I felt I have lost already, I used to step in again. I used to open my sick laptop, sick because it doesn’t work in winters when the charger is plugged in, and worked on it.

I wrote posts about multiple topics. Some worked and some just seemed to be compilations of crap. But I kept going and that’s how I reached here.

Finix Post is still not the best blog. Manpreet is still not recognized by the entire country. But still, the journey has always been full of lessons, lessons that I would definitely share with you people, as I have always done.

And the journey wasn’t just mine. Many people helped me, inspired me and made me work for my dream and this video is to thank all those people. This video is to mark the 100 Posts achievement.

I wish I could see one more zero in that number. Let’s make it happen. Just keep supporting me and keep reading my posts like you’re doing now. THANK YOU. 🙂

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    Wish You + FinixPost all the best on the occasion of ‘Happy 100-posts.’ My advice to you is – Write evergreen/ actionable/ instructional posts for more visits, page-views & SUCCESS.

    Wish many more 00000s to come after 100 in the coming days. These days I’m busy making an Android Apps.

    CHEERS 🙂

    • Hello Akash, Thank you 🙂
      And thanks for the advice. I really moved away from this. When I read your comment, I got reminded what I was working on. I hope I won’t forget it again. Definitely, I won’t.
      Android apps.. waiting for the launch 🙂 (Y)

  2. Hi Manpreet,
    Nice to be here again,
    HERE COMES A BIG CONGRATS On the completion of the century post.
    Keep going many more to come.

    Though i have visited and joined in this blog sometime back.
    Video blogging is indeed a good idea which many fear to enter in.
    Of course you already mentioned some of the reasons in the talk.
    Well, I am yet to start this.
    May you have a great time ahead with many more 100s
    Keep going
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip

    • Hello Philip, thanks a lot. You know there are few bloggers like you who have always supported me and my work and it is because of you that I stay courageous enough to keep working. Thanks 🙂


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