Anyone born in a North Indian household would swear by the good old paranthas when it comes to reminiscing about the best food memories.

A crispy flat bread made of dough, stuffed with flavorful vegetables or meats, fried in dollops of ghee, topped with butter, and served with pickles, chutneys, and curds; a taste that once savored, can never be had enough of!

Paranthas have evolved over a period of time. With changing dynamics and preferences, the variety on offer today is just amazing.

We have put together a list of different types of paranthas that you can try the next time you are in the mood for a fulfilling meal. Of course, there is no bar on the creativity and imagination you can bring to the table while preparing these. So here we go!

  1. Aloo Parantha


One of the evergreen favorites, no mention of types of paranthas would be complete without this wonder called aloo parantha. Mashed potatoes with a variety of spices, mint, and coriander leaves make for a delicious parantha which all our generations love so dearly.

2. Gobhi Parantha

Credits: Nithyasrm on Wikipedia

Another favorite among the different types of paranthas is the gobhi parantha. Cauliflower is known to be a healthy vegetable and it can be served in generous quantities to kids when made in the form of a delicious parantha. A winner all the way!

3. Paneer Parantha

Credits: Pullak Parag Khetan on Wikipedia

Cottage cheese, popularly known as paneer, constitutes a healthy and delicious filling for paranthas. This one is particularly soft and succulent and tastes great with butter and curd.

4. Mix Vegetable Parantha

For those who love the best of all worlds, a mix vegetable parantha is just what the doctor ordered. Potatoes, cauliflower, cheese, green chilly, and pepper are combined together to make the stuffing. You can add more vegetables depending on your personal taste and preferences. Definitely one of the best types of paranthas!


5.Egg Parantha

Move over omelettes, boiled, scrambled, and poached eggs. Who knew that egg can form the major ingredient in a parantha as well? Egg parantha is a highly enriching meal made by loading a parantha with eggs, and then cooked and served piping hot. When we speak of types of paranthas for breakfastthis one is a delight!

6. Mutton Parantha

Non-vegetarian lovers rejoice at the very mention of the mutton parantha. Made up of a spicy and wholesome stuffing of minced meat, this one will surely pamper your taste buds. Mutton parantha can be had with lentils or gravy, or as a standalone parantha with curd.

7. Cheese Parantha

Cheese is one of the pivotal ingredients in any kitchen. Whilst we all have used it so regularly in Italian cuisine, cheese parantha is the latest addition to the many wonder dishes that can be made using cheese. A stuffing of cheese in a parantha will melt in your mouth. Definitely a must-try!

8. Dal Parantha

Dal is commonly made in Indian kitchens for dinner. And we all know that significant quantities of dal go unused at night. But worry not; you can knead this dal into a healthy dough to prepare the delicious dal parantha. We bet that this one will become your favorite in the list of different types of paranthas once you get a taste of it!

9. Methi Parantha

Credits: Rupamdas75 on wikipedia

Healthy greens in a parantha? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Well if this rings your imagination, then methi parantha is just for you. Fenugreek leaves are great for health, and make for a delicious breakfast parantha too.

10. Spinach Parantha

Not very far behind the methi parantha is the spinach parantha. Made of spinach leaves, this one is highly beneficial for the health, and tastes equally good too.

Apart from the above, there are many more types of paranthas that can be tried in the kitchen. You can try unique stuffing such as maggi, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. to make your paranthas. For those with a sweet tooth, sugar, jaggery, and dry fruit paranthas are great options.

So set foot in the kitchen and get ready for a gastronomic joyride with different types of paranthas, a perfect start to the day!

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