Travel by Bus – the word is enough to make me feel dizzy and worried. Journeys by bus have never been easy for me but I had to travel frequently by bus to meet my parents. This helped me pile up some really important tips for travel by bus in India.

I created a video to share that which is over here. Also, I am going to share the complete transcript of the video in case you like to read; more than you like to watch YouTube videos.

Bus is by far the most convenient and a very common mode of travel in India. Millions of people travel by bus every day but people like us take up a long journey by us once in a while. And that’s when hell breaks loose for we were never taught about some important tips for travelling by bus in India.

Every month, I have to cover a 5 hour long journey twice to meet my parents in Bathinda. So, I am going to share what I learnt through these experiences.

So, if you’re travelling to India for the first time or you want to make the tireless journeys by bus a bit more easier, this would help.

#1 Carry a scarf to cover your face

Make sure you carry a scarf, stole or something like that which would help you cover your face. That would save you from excessive dust and direct sunlight. If you’re travelling in an air conditioned bus, take a thicker scarf because usually, the temperature is set to very low and you would feel too chilly to sit comfortably.

#2 Keep a hand sanitizer

Whether it’s a luxury bus or a government run bus, a hand sanitizer is going to be your savior. The weather and the condition of the bus would certainly make your hands feel dirty and itchy and that’s when you’re going to thank me for this tip.

#3 Buy a Hand fan

If you’re travelling in a normal bus and if you don’t want die of excessive heat, keep a hand fan in your hand bag positively. This would especially help you when the bus stops for a while on a bus stop.

#4 Wear comfortable footwear

Make sure you wear comfortable footwear while travelling. All you need to do is to make sure that your shoes are airy and comfortable enough.

#5 Don’t get out of the bus as much as you can

Buses in India seldom follow fix timings. Sometimes they will stop for half an hour and sometimes they won’t even have a stop of 1 minute. So, if you’re getting out of bus at a stop which is not your destination, you are running a high risk of losing your bus along with the luggage. Just be careful!

#6 Try not to talk to girls

Maybe you would call me ‘anti-feminist’ or whatever ‘bad’ you would think of me after reading this; but there have been several incidents where men have suffered humiliation just because they were trying to strike a random conversation with an Indian girl. Be really careful in this case because if you get accused by anyone, there is no chance that people would believe your story (in case you’re a male). And you would probably get beaten up even before you start understanding what’s happening.

10 tips for travel by bus in india video thumbnail

And that tip is gonna cost me a lot because I personally love random conversations with strangers.

#7 Don’t sit at the back

It is a thing which I discovered while travelling that if you sit at the back seats, you feel extremely dizzy. So, try to occupy front seats in case you’re like me who feels very uneasy while travelling in a bus.

#8 Buy a coke or pepsi

Soft drinks like pepsi, coca cola help in getting rid of the dizziness you feel while travelling in bus. They help me at least. Also, carry a bottle of water positively. Don’t eat much especially if there is a tendency that you might vomit.

#9 When travelling in hilly areas

Maybe you travel a lot by bus but travelling in hilly areas is a different game altogether . So, listen to me. Don’t look outside through side windows. Not even once. Don’t read anything or even use your phone unless you really want a headache.

#10 Some more tips

  • Travel light.
  • Wear loose and cotton clothes if you’re travelling in summer.
  • Keep a map if you’re travelling to a new place.
  • Don’t give away too much information to strangers. Talk random.
  • And when in punjab and in a PRTC or punjab roadways bus, never take the seat near windows. Trust me! It is a life saving tip that comes through an almost deadly experience.

That’s it guys and girls. I hope this video/post would help you travel by bus more easily. Let me know about your experiences with travelling by bus in india in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter (fill in your email id in the upper bar you are seeing right now)  and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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    • Because PRTC and punjab roadways drivers drive really badly and are often into rash driving. Better be careful than sorry

  1. Hi Manpreet,
    Great post indeed 🙂
    These tips really helpful and handy for everyone. Its true that when you are travelling in hilly area and you look or try to read any board from outside, you can face headache or vomiting. So we should avoid it.
    Having light weight clothing can feel you relax that work too much for me as I have to travel a long way while I travel to my home in Himachal from Delhi.
    All the tips are useful and great.
    Thanks for sharing !! Have a great day 🙂


    • Hello Naveen,
      I am glad that you liked the write-up. The hilly area tip was given by a friend who happened to live around such an area and it works. what else people from plains can long for 😛

  2. Hi Manpreet,
    The post is informative indeed. All the tips given by you for the bus travelers are quite good, specially for those who are planning to travel a long distance. Travelers should also keep a small first aid box with them in their handbag.


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