In today’s busy lifestyle, we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves. We are running all the time and eating unhealthy food and other junk stuff which are not good for our health. But most of the time we don’t realize that this unhealthy lifestyle is not only affecting us from outside, but is also deteriorating our health from inside. Basically, an unhealthy lifestyle  weakens your heart and causes a lot of diseases and discomfort. So, here are some food items, which we see every day, but just don’t realize how beneficial they are for our health and possess a great potential to make your heart strong. I hope after reading about these benefits, you would definitely add them in your menu.

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast anyone could have. If you start your day with a bowl of oatmeal, you will not only feel energetic and full but will also get your daily need of fiber and other nutrients, which helps in keeping the arteries clear. This meal is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and potassium which are good for your health. Oatmeal also helps in lowering the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and make your heart strong, healthy and happy.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? From small kids to their grannies, everybody likes chocolate. Now what If I tell you that chocolate has its health benefits too? And not just any health benefits, the SUPER ones. Confused? Let me make it clear. Scientific studies have proved that dark chocolate not only reduces stress, but is also good for your heart. It contains certain compounds which lowers the bad cholesterol and also helps in thinning the blood, which results in lower risk of heart diseases.


All the green leafy veggies such as spinach, turnip tops, lettuce, fenugreek leaves, etc. are packed with iron, vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients. All these nutrients improve your health, your eyesight, make your teeth, bones and hair strong and help in better functioning of your heart. Studies have proved that eating green leafy vegetables can reduce the risk of heart diseases by 10 percent.


Olive oil is the healthiest oil available in the market today. Regular use of olive oil in your diet, reduces the LDL cholesterol in the body. The monounsaturated fats that it contains are packed with anti-oxidants and can make your heart strong. Look for the extra virgin or virgin variants of the oil because they are least processed and have greater health benefits. So, next time just sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on your salad instead of some unhealthy salad dressing, and feel the difference.

Olive Oil

Sweet potatoes are sweet! Duhhh! Everybody knows that, but what you might not know is how healthy they are for you. It is an antioxidant powerhouse, which provides great strength to the heart. The easiest way to enjoy them is by cutting them into small cubes and roasting them at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes and sprinkling your favorite spices on them. Or, just boil them and add a little tangy twist of lemon and other spices and enjoy the delicious and healthy snack.



Almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, etc. are all vitamins and minerals packed small energy houses. The monounsaturated fats and low saturated fats contained in these nuts are good for your heart and heath. Scientists have proved that people who eat a handful of these nuts 3-4 days in a week are less prone to heart related problems than those who don’t. Also, they help in losing weight.NUTS

We all have heard that ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. But is it really true? Well, Apple contains quercetin , a flavonoid, which helps in preventing blood clots and ensures proper flow of blood. It provides better overall benefits to our cardiovascular system. The antioxidant action of quercetin protects the body against the LDL cholesterol. So, all in all, the above mentioned saying about apple is quite true.


Broccoli is tasty and healthy and packed with a bunch of vitamins, fiber, folic acid, protein and many other nutrients that helps broccoli to top the ‘good for health’ vegetables list. Broccoli helps in preventing cancer, reduces the Inflammation, strengthen the bones, make your heart strong, reduces cholesterol, a perfect food for diet conscious people, and the list goes on and on. Do I have to tell you more reasons to convince you to add broccoli to your everyday menu, I don’t think so!


Tomatoes are beautiful and are a staple ingredient of every household in India. These red, juicy and tangy balls of nutrients are a rich source of vitamins and helps in purification of blood. They are very good for heart and prevent many blood related problems. They also reduce the risk of hemorrhages in the body. You can eat raw tomatoes in salads or sandwiches, or you can also cook them and add to the gravy.


Studies have proven that having red wine in appropriate amount can reduce the risk of heart problems in a person. It contains powerful anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and resveratrol (a polyphenol), which increase the density of HDL (“good”) cholesterol and prevent the arteries against any kind of damage. It also prevents blood clotting by thinning the blood. If you drink, having proper amount of red wine is far better than gulping other harmful alcohols which contain high sugar amounts.


So, these were some of the foods that are easy to find, are tasty, and at the same time – healthy. Most important, all of these are useful for making your heart strong and keeping it healthier and happier. Not only these, there are many other food items that help in maintaining good health. We suggest you to add them in your diet and share with us here. Till then, stay happy, stay young!

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