We, Indians, are known for our love of food. And there is nothing better than street foods that epitomizes this. While delectable street food can be found in abundance across the length and breadth of the country, there are some places that deserve a special mention for the amazing food on offer. We have put together a list of 10 cities with the best Indian street foods for you. We are sure you would love to savor the unique flavors each one of them is famous for. So here we go!

1. Delhi


Talk of Dilli 6, and the first image that pops up in the mind is that of mouth-watering paranthas, chaat, aloo tikki, gol gappe, barfi, jalebi, and laddoo. Old Delhi, in particular Chandni Chowk, is famous in the world over for the best Indian street foods.

Delhi is a delight for street food lovers. Besides the bylanes of old Delhi, there are many local food stalls and kiosks near the metro stations, markets, and residential areas that sell delightful street food.

2. Mumbai


Meet any Mumbaikar, and they will tell you how street food is the lifeline of this city. The evergreen vada pav, multiple versions of eggs such as bhurji pav, boiled eggs with spices, omelettes, spicy Indian Chinese dishes such as noodles, Manchurian, and Chinese bhel, sev puri, bhel puri, misal pav, and the list goes on. Mumbai definitely has the best Indian street foods on offer for every food lover. Do read our post on best foods to have in Mumbai.

3. Chandigarh


The City Beautiful is famous for its night food street near the University Campus. Other than that, sectors 35 and 17 have the best Indian street foods for food lovers. One can have a variety of chaat and aloo tikki. Then there is the delicious ram laddoo (made of green and yellow lentils) and served with mint chutney and salad. Momos are another hot favorite in the city with many vendors selling authentic vegetable and chicken momos.

4. Hyderabad


If sheer gratification for the taste buds is what you are looking for, then Hyderabad is the place to be. The city of Nizams will never fail to disappoint you with its gastronomic delights. One can enjoy the evergreen Hyderabadi biryani, a variety of South Indian dosas, and cups of steaming Irani chai in the streets of the city. Hyderabad is on our list of the cities with the best Indian street foods. Don’t forget to check our post on what to eat in Hyderabad.

5. Amritsar


The holy city of Amritsar is a Mecca for food lovers who want to enjoy the best Indian street foods. Chole kulche, amritsari machhi (fish), lassi, dal makhni, and gajar ka halwa; these are all amazing culinary experiences that this city has gifted to food lovers. If you enjoy street food, then Amritsar is a must visit city for sure! Do read our post on best foods to eat in Amritsar.

6. Kashmir


If there is paradise on earth, then it is Kashmir. This remark by a wise soul ages ago holds true for the foods on offer in this city as well. Kashmir is a heaven for non-vegetarian lovers what with delicious Rogan Josh available in the bylanes of the city. If you are looking for something soul-stirring, go for the Kashmiri tea. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!

7. Chennai


South Indian cuisine will never be complete without a mention of Chennai. The city is known for serving authentic South Indian dosas, uttapams, and idlis. What adds to the old world charm is the aromatic filter coffee sold by vendors in the streets of Chennai. This city is a must visit for those who want to enjoy delicious South Indian food.

8. Kolkata


Talk of best Indian street foods and how can Kolkata be far behind? The city is known for an array of mouth-watering kathi rolls, fish and mutton cutlets, and a host of local desserts such as sandesh and rasgullas. Any street food lover would vouch by the fact that Kolkata is indeed one of the safest options when it comes to enjoying the best Indian street foods. Also read, what to eat in Kolkata.

9. Lucknow


If biryani and kebabs are something you cannot live without, then Lucknow is the place to be. The city of Nawabs is a delight for food lovers, especially those who love meat. Lucknow is also famous for delicious kulfis and the Banarasi paan, all of which you can enjoy in the streets of the city.

10. Ahmedabad


If khakras and theplas are your cup of tea, then Ahmedabad is the place to be! Enjoy a plate of delectable dhokla in the streets of this city in Gujarat. You can also savor delicious pakodas (dumplings made of gram flour and deep fried in oil) in the bylanes of the city.

We hope we have done justice to the best Indian street foods through this list of cities that have the most amazing gastronomic fare on offer. Happy eating!

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