Food and Punjabis have an eternal bond.

A Punjabi’s love for food can be found in abundance in the way Punjabi cuisine is prepared- with loads of generosity and heaps of positivity. Punjabi foods are rich, flavorful, and splendid, and loved dearly by people from across the globe. So, today is the time to pay a tribute to the top 10 amazing dishes Punjabis relish all the time. No matter how many times you have these, you can never have enough! So here we go!

  • Best Punjabi Foods? Definitely, Butter Chicken


This creamy rich butter gravy with succulent chicken pieces is bound to delight your taste buds. Best enjoyed with tandoori naan, butter chicken is on our list of the best Punjabi foods.

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  • Tandoori Chicken


The perfect starter for any meal, Tandoori chicken is a heaven for any food lover. Marinated chicken cooked to perfection over a tandoor, this one is sheer awesomeness. Tandoori chicken is best enjoyed with mint chutney and raw salad.

  • Chole Kulche


Head to any Dhaba and you will find this one item on every menu. Yes, you guessed it right! Chole Kulche is a delicious combo of Punjabi style chole (chickpeas) and a flour bread known as kulcha. A perfect start to the day, this makes for a great breakfast or brunch dish. One of the most loved Punjabi foods we say!

  • Sarson Ka Saag


Winter season is never complete without generous servings of sarson ka saag with makki ki roti. This is a vintage combination that tastes best with home-made white butter, jaggery and ghee. A must-have from our list of best Punjabi foods!

  • Dal Makhni

Source: PacmanB

Punjabis are known the world over for this offering that we all so endearingly know as Dal Makhni. Black lentils are cooked over simmering heat for a prolonged period of time with spices, onions, tomatoes, green chilly added to them, followed by a generous garnishing of butter and coriander leaves. This one never fails to pamper your taste buds. Dal Makhni is best enjoyed with paranthas and accompaniments such as pickle and salads.

  • Paneer Makhni

Source: Charvi Kakwani

If Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni rule the roost when it comes to the best Punjabi foods, how can the good old paneer be far behind? Paneer Makhni is a delicious curry made in a tomato and cream base, and cottage cheese as its main ingredient. Topped with butter generously, this one is a winner all the way.

  • Aloo Parantha


Punjabi foods and no mention of aloo parantha? Now that is practically impossible! Potatoes with a right mix of spices rolled into dough with desi ghee nourishes the soul well enough! Aloo paranthas are best enjoyed with curd and pickle.

  • Punjabi Kadhi

Source: Barthateslisa

Punjabi Kadhi is famous for its rich flavor and tangy taste. Made using curd or salty buttermilk, it has a host of aromatic spices and ingredients in it. What makes the Punjabi Kadhi special are the besan pakodas added to it. Makes for a great combination when served with boiled rice!

  • Rajma Chaawal


You are missing out on heaven if you have not tried the Punjabi rajma chaawal yet. Spicy and delicious kidney beans served with cumin rice, with onion rings and mint chutney on the side, is a combination to die for. This one is surely among the best Punjabi foods ever.

  • Lassi


There is no greater way to beat the summer heat than to have a glass of the traditional Punjabi lassi. Made with curd and cream, this is one rich beverage that can be had either sweet or salty, depending on your preference. These days, flavored lassi is also becoming popular what with fruits such as mangoes and strawberries making it all the more delectable.

Punjabi foods make a statement with every bite and morsel that you gorge on. Try these delicious dishes at least once in a lifetime, and we guarantee you that it will become an integral part of your culinary experiences from there on! Enjoy the gastronomic joyride!

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