The streets of Chandni Chowk buzzing with human activity, the glorious government buildings and monuments in and around Connaught Place, the incredible night life at Hauz Khas Village; one can keep adding more to this list. That individual was absolutely spot on with his observation on the national capital of India when he penned down these lyrics on Delhi in a song, “Yeh shehar nahi mehfil hai”.

India’s capital is a delight for locals and tourists alike. And while it impresses one and all with its amazing diversity, food cannot be far behind. Let us see what the city has to offer; our take on the best foods to eat in Delhi.

  • Chaat at Haldiram’s

Chaat at Haldiram’s

Talk of the perfect start to a culinary adventure in Delhi, then you definitely need to try the chaat at Haldiram’s. Dahi bhalla, papdi chaat, rajkachori- pick any of these and you will love it. Hands down one of the best foods to eat in Delhi.

  • Tikki at Bittoo’s

For all the aloo tikki lovers, any outlet of Bittoo Tikki Wala in Delhi is a must visit. Simmering hot potato cutlets (tikki) served with loads of chutney, mint, curd, and salad, this will just melt in your mouth.

  • Paranthas at Chandni Chowk

paranthas at chandani chowk

Best foods to eat in Delhi? Paranthe wali gali at Chandni Chowk is a place one simply cannot afford to miss. The street has many shops that sell deep fried paranthas. Delicious to the core, these are a food lover’s delight.

  • Rolls at Khan Chacha

If you want to gorge on the best rolls in the capital, Khan Chacha is the place to be. This joint consistently ranks amongst the places serving the best foods to eat in Delhi.  You have to try their mutton and chicken rolls. Even the vegetarian options, particularly the paneer tikka roll, are amazing.

  • Kebabs at Gulatis

Head to the Gulatis outlet at Pandara road to have the best kebabs in the city. You will surely not be disappointed.

  • Shawarma at Alzaitoon

If you are a fan of Arabic cuisine, the shawarma at Alzaitoon is a must have. Arabic cuisine has been gaining popularity in recent times, and this has put Alzaitoon in the list of places serving best foods to eat in Delhi. 

  • Go natural at Naturals

The popular ice cream joint from Maharashtra opened its first store in Delhi more than a couple of years ago. Since then, they have been serving food lovers with natural flavours of ice cream which are nothing short of a delight. Mango, chikoo, coconut, guava, chocolate, and many more- you name it and they have it.

  • South Indian food at Sarvana Bhawan

Nestled in Connaught Place, Sarvana Bhawan is a South Indian food lover’s heaven. They have an amazing variety of dosas, idlis, and vadas on offer. Combine that with their vintage filter coffee, and you have an experience to cherish every time you talk of the best foods to eat in Delhi.

  • Ram Laddoos by the roadside

Venture out onto any street in Delhi, and you will find vendors selling moong dal laddoos. Popularly known as Ram Laddoos, these are served with spicy green chutney, green chillies, and grated raw salad. This is one dish you cannot miss.

  • Soya Chaap at Wah ji Wah

Wah ji Wah is another multi-outlet joint in the city that serves amazing varieties of soya chaap. Afghani, malai, achari, masala- all their variants are packed with flavours. Hot and flavourful soya chaap is surely one of the best foods to eat in Delhi.

Considering the rich mosaic of culture that Delhi has on offer, one can never do enough justice when it comes to paying a tribute to the culinary experiences one can have in the city. Having said that, the above list definitely covers the best foods to eat in Delhi. We are sure you will relish these on your next trip to the capital!

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