A beautiful skin makes a woman look stunning as well as appealing. But are the products bought by spending hoards make a female look beautiful? If you think this way then you are mistaken. You can get a beautiful skin at home. There are a number of beauty enhancing products lying in your kitchen that are waiting for your attention. This became my inspiration for this post: 10 beauty benefits of potato.

Beauty benefits of potato

As soon as we think of Indian food, we imagine at least one dish of potato in our platter. It is the King of vegetables, POTATO, but most people avoid potatoes because they think that due to potatoes they will gain weight or they will have tyres at the sides of their bellies. Well, I didn’t verify if the weight gain thing is true or just a myth but there are some things which I know for sure.

I am really serious about listing beauty benefits of potato? Yes, I am. Potato contains vitamin C, vitamin B Complex, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus is large amounts and can be your next favourite beauty product. Let’s start talking about the beauty benefits of potato now.

  1. Helps to fight wrinkles and Fine Lines: If you have wrinkles and fine lines, you can apply potato juice. Potato has a quality to fight anti-ageing and skin tightening. If you apply sliced potato on face, it would give a glow to your face and your skin becomes soft and clear.
  2. Helps to get rid of Dark Spots: For dark spots on face, potato is the most useful thing. If you have dark spots, then cut potato into slices, Rub it on the affected area and massage for five minutes with light hands. After that, wash with cold water.
  3. Get rid of facial marks: every women love to get facials. The stress relieving massage and amazing glow… it all feels so awesome. But you would surely know that some facials might not suit your skin and leave marks on your face. For such marks, potato is the best remedy. Cut a slice of potato and apply on your skin regularly. You can see the difference in a week.
  4. Treat Sunburns: In scorching summers, skin gets overexposed to sun and results into Sunburns. Cut potato slices and refrigerate them. Now apply on the sunburnt area. Your skin will become soft, smooth and clear.
  5. Helps lightning of dark circles: Almost all of us spend long hours in front of our personal computer or stay awake at night till late. This instigates dark circles which definitely look bad. If you are also fighting with this common girl issue, apply potato juice regularly with cotton balls.
  6. Get Rid of dry skin: For dry skin, mix potato and yoghurt and prepare a mask. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and wash it off. Its anti oxidant property will work here.
  7. Helps in exfoliation: Apart from glowing and clear skin, potato is useful in removing dead skin cells too. Keep potato on dead skin for 10 minutes to get rid of dead skin cells. I personally use this trick to remove dead skin from my heels.
  8. Acts as a natural cleanser: Apply a mixture of crushed potato and cucumber on face. Afterwards, add a little water to one teaspoon baking soda and apply on face. Apply it regularly for smooth, soft and flawless skin.
  9. Get rid of rashes: For inflammation, rashes and itching, apply a slice of potato on the affected area. You will feel better in few minutes.
  10. Treat burns: If you accidentally burn your skin with hot liquid, then immediately rub potato on that area. It will prevent the area from swelling as well as sores.

Now you know how to use potato without gaining any weight. Don’t you? Instead of buying so many make up and beauty products that may or may not work, why don’t you try some home remedies? And I am sure a potato won’t cause any trouble to your skin for you are already consuming it since you were born. Aren’t you? Go grab a potato from your kitchen and try these amazing beauty hacks for a happy skin.

Wait! Don’t forget to tell me which beauty benefits of potato are you going try and if you have some more tips like these, let me know. Also, make sure you share this with your other girlfriends. They deserve to look and feel beautiful too. Don’t they?

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