How many times did you hit the search engine to find methods to Earn Money Online? How many times did you think of monetizing your newly built blog or website? If you are seriously looking for methods to Earn Money Online or monetizing your blog/website, becoming an affiliate is one of the best methods you can try for yourself. Also, this is considered to be the best method for people who could not get Google Adsense. Personally, I prefer Affiliate Marketing as my way to Earn Money Online.

affiliate marketing

And this is the only place you need to be in order to learn what is Affiliate Marketing, what are Affiliate Links, how do these Affiliate Links work and how do they make money for you?

Let me start from what Affiliate Marketing is? Affiliate Marketing is a marketing technique in which a business offers money to the affiliates who bring them new customers through their own marketing efforts. Let me explain this through a simple example. Say, your friend has opened a new shop where he sells mobile phones. Now, he has asked you to help him out with selling the products – mobile phones. But, hey why would you do that free? So, your friend promises to give you 5% of the profit he makes. Now, when you bring a customer to your friend and a mobile phone is purchased, your friend makes some profit and you, as decided, would get 5% of that profit. This is how Affiliate Marketing works.

Your friend didn’t do any marketing. All the marketing efforts were put in by you and you got paid for that.  The first question that comes in someone’s mind is, isn’t that too less? Just 5%? Well, I used to think the same but that’s not how it goes when it comes to online Affiliate Marketing. Of course, you need to put in great efforts in the beginning, but once you set for flying, you can make much greater profits through Affiliate Marketing as compared to any other Marketing technique.

Basically, there are four players in the industry –

  1. Core players: include the merchant (the brand or the retailer) who manufacture the products and need to sell them to people.
  2. Network: provides offers to the Affiliate (you) to choose from and take care of your payments (through Affiliate Links)
  3. Publisher (Affiliate): the person (you) who would help the core player to sell his products.
  4. Customer:  who would actually buy the product and pay for it

How much money can you make through Affiliate Marketing?

It all depends upon you. It depends on how seriously you take Affiliate Marketing and how you implement it. If you do not take it seriously and spend very less time on this, you won’t make much profit but if you treat Affiliate Marketing as a proper business, you can make a FULL TIME INCOME.



But how did they actually track that it was me who sent those customers to them? It really made me think for a lot of time before I actually hit the search engine to find it out. This is the part where Affiliate Links come up. The code which I was given to embed on my website had a tracking code attached with it. That tracking code is in fact a unique id which would let flipkart identify that I was the affiliate who sent that customer and thus, I get my share of the profit.

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