As a blogger, I am very well familiar with the importance of Google – the giant search engine which has become an integral part in the lives of internet users. If you own a website or a blog, the first thing you would want is to get indexed by Google and then you would join the battle of turning up on the first five pages of Google Search results.

But what if I tell you that the same Google Search which is so important and unavoidable for you can be a reason behind the increased vulnerability of your website/blog? Yes, your website can be hacked with a big help from Google. Is it possible? How?

What is Google Hacking?

Recently, I was asked by my communication skills trainer, “What do you mean by Google Hacking?”

Considering myself as a blogger, I should have known what it is but sadly, I didn’t and that’s why I set myself up on this article where I am going explain what is Google Hacking and would try to answer some related questions regarding that.

Google Hacking is simply a hacking technique where the hackers use Google Search and other related applications in order to analyze security holes in the website. Not only can they analyze it, but through several special codes and operators, they can even extract the essential information about a particular website (using Google Search Engine).

How Does That Happen?

There are two kinds of vulnerabilities that are found on the web – misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities. Google Hacking is used for former ones by the intruders. An attacker tries to find out a specific kind of vulnerability which he can easily exploit. But the toughest task in such a case is to find that very vulnerability which might help the attacker to take down the complete system.

For this purpose, the attacker has to use a scanner which is a special kind of program that provides automatic examination of systems to check for flaws. All this information is required by the intruder and such a process have been made easy by search engines like Google for  they have already collected such information from millions of websites. This information can easily be extracted using special kind of Google Advanced Search Operators.

Thus, Google Hacking involves use of the advanced operators which can be used in Google search to locate specific strings of text within a particular search result.

Google Hacking

Google Hacking Database

Do you want to query the reach of the Google search engine? You can search for files containing passwords, files containing usernames and list of vulnerable servers all around the globe. This can be done through the Google Hacking Database which was originally created by Johnny Long.

The direct mapping features allow the penetration testers to be more confident about the vulnerability of a particular server or site.

 Save Yourself From Google Hacking

Getting your website/blog hacked is one of the worst thing that can ever happen to you. Not only you would lose the trust of millions of readers you have but also you may leak out some extra sensitive data that might cause you a great monetary loss.

So, you need to make sure that you apply efficient protection techniques to save your online identity.

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    • Thank you Avinash. I did try to cover up as much as I could about Google Hacking in this short article. I am glad that you liked it. 🙂

  1. Hi Manpreet,
    Very informative post!
    yes, hackers can find out vulnerabilities and versions of the site to hack!

    Many WordPress sites gets hacked this way! However, there are security plugins like Bulletproof security to protect our site from showing vulnerabilities to hackers!
    thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Adithya,
      Thank you. I am glad that you liked this post.
      Bulletproof security.. I’ve heard the name of the plugin for the first time. I am going check it right now.
      Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Manpreet,
    It is great to learn something new in ever blog post I read on this site. I am familiar with hacking, but still I was able to come away from the post with a little more knowledge.


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