Finally I am writing this… a guide on how to be a blogger. Before that, you must know that I am not a blogger who is earning thousands of dollars a month. I started blogging for I found it fascinating to be able to share with people all around the globe and it turned out that I was good at nothing but everything related to blogging (almost). So, after finishing my college, I preferred to stick to it and I manage to earn enough to survive in city beautiful all by myself.

Also, I agree that blogosphere is packed up with blogs about blogging and there is no need for another such blog or article. Then why am I planning a blogging series on Finix Post? Topics might be same but experiences are always different. And I do believe in sharing my experiences for that was what I started this blog for.

About The Blogging Series on Finix Post

blogging series on finix post

The title might sound a bit confusing but let me simplify it. From today onwards, I am going to pick up each aspect of blogging, money making and youtubing and share my advice about that. Everything I know about blogging or I do with my blog, everything you need to begin with a blog, everything you need to know to achieve your blogging goals… we’re going to discuss about that and much more.

Here’s what’s going to happen!

  1. I am going to pick up a particular topic related to blogging each day and share my experience and advice about it.
  2. The articles would range from the most basic things to the most techie things I know of.
  3. The articles would be deliberately short so that each day I don’t burden you with too much of tech stuff.
  4. If you are a person who has been thinking of starting a blog for whatever reasons like passion for writing, social acceptance, new experience or money making, this blogging series on Finix Post would help; only if you want help.
  5. What you need to do to get access to this blogging series on Finix Post? Nothing much. Just sign up to the newsletter to keep track of each post or join the Facebook group of Finix Post to get updates just when they’re up ( 😛 )

That’s it for today’s post. Told you! I don’t want to bore you or make you feel burdened with information. Though I do have the complete list of topics planned out, but I would really want you to mention the topics you want me to cover so that I don’t miss out on anything. So, shall we get started with the experience sharing?

Posts in the Blogging Series

1. How to figure out if blogging is right for you?


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