Many people  have contacted me for advice related to blogging and I have always done my best to help them out. However, reaching out to each individual with complete details about the topic is nearly impossible. I do miss some details and that’s why I think my own blog is the best place to talk about Blogging. While I am working on my own Blogging Series, I certainly want to keep you guys updated about this niche.

This is what that compelled me to share this post about Google Plus with you guys. I am sure you guys know how much I love Google Plus for you have seen me talking about Google Plus before. It is time to hear about Google Plus from a talented newbie blogger who comes from the city I live in – Chandigarh and who works exclusively on blogging and technology niche. 

5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Google Plus for Blogging

Whenever we as bloggers think about social media promotion the two names that come to our mind are Facebook and Twitter while cold-shouldering Google plus as an eerie platform. It may be because of the fact that not many people grasp the working and intent of Google plus.

While the Google plus community might not have  been as active as that of Facebook but Google plus’s active community is a really impelling one. So, here are some ways to leverage the power of Google plus as a blogger :

Google Plus for Blogging
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  1. Simply make an account – This might seem obvious and most of you must have done it already but I would still like you to realize the importance of making an account on Google plus. Also, consider making a Google Plus page for your blog/site just like you have a Facebook page. It makes you official in the eyes of Google and can help your site with search engine rankings. Remember, everything on Google plus is immediately indexed by Google. Also, Connecting your Google plus account with your blog can help you gain Google authorship.
  2. Use hashtags – The function of hashtags in Google plus is same as twitter but you can use the hashtags in your post including any number of characters and links with optimized use of media. It is like the best of Facebook and twitter posting.
  3. Send email to circles – As a blogger, you know how difficult it is to collect subscriber emails. Well, guess what! Bulk emailing is something you can do on Google plus for free. You can simply add suitable people to your circle and check to automatically email your selected circles whenever your post is published.
    However, I suggest you not to overuse this feature and spam people off. Just use it to redirect traffic to your best posts once in a while. Also, note that there is a limit of 5000 people in your circles.
  4. Join Communities – Communities on Google plus are much like groups on Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, Google plus communities are more interactive than Facebook and more suitable to build more connections. Also, Google plus communities are relatively spam free (yet).
  5. Link your profiles – Under the about section, linking to your various relevant website pages and social media profiles would lead to Google determining the relevancy of your website. This is a great little SEO practice to gain Google’s trust.

So, these are the five basic ways through which you can leverage the power of Google plus.

Apart from these, there are a lot of reasons why you should use Google plus as a blogger but one of the main reasons is that it is an integral part of Google ecosystem and is still very underrated which actually gives you a good chance to build an authority in the social media platform before others notice and follow in. So, make sure you are there when it booms to take the full benefit of it.

Happy Googling!

5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Google Plus for Blogging
Source: Flickr

What is your personal experience with Google plus? Have you ever used it? Did you consider using it? Which social media platform is better according to you – Facebook or Google Plus?

 Author Bio:  This article has been written by Navneet Teotia

Navneet Teotia is a final year mechanical student, currently living in chandigarh. His deep interest in Science and technology and previous experience in blogging lead to the origin of Techferb – where he blogs.

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  1. When we join niche related communities in Google plus and connect with others in this way we can enjoy great amount of targeted traffic from Google plus kind of top social media site.

  2. My issue with G+ is that it just doesn’t seem to be as responsive as some of the other social networks. Perhaps I’m wrong, but G+ isn’t the social network hotspot. In any event, I’m still learning and trying to figure it all out myself.

    Thank you for your advice to join communities, I haven’t practiced much with that just yet.

    • Hey Tabetha,
      Google+ might not be the fav hanging spot of everyone but lots of serious people who are looking for quality content and quality network work around G+.
      About responsiveness, it depends upon how big your circle is. But still, at any point of time, it is much higher than organic reach of Facebook.
      Consider joining more communities and adding relevant people in your circles for improvement.


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