The Potpourri Of Programming Codes

Are you a programmer? Are you the one who can spend sleepless nights just to get a piece of computer code work the right way? Are you in love with those syntax and statements which allow you to do magic through your computer screen?

If you are a programming lover, you have certainly put in your best efforts to gather maximum knowledge about the programming world, at least the one concerned with your favorite programming language. Haven’t you?

But what if I say that there’s something you have missed? There’s something about programming codes which failed to come under your radar. Yes, even when you call yourself to be one of the best programmers, you might have missed this piece of information.

You might have missed paying attention to this potpourri of programming codes.

Programmers may seem to be boring people but when it comes to giving names to different stuff in the programming world, they certainly put their creative hats on. Don’t they? Imagine the naming of Java. Normal teachers who teach us about programming say that the ‘coffee’ was just a random selection but who knows what kind of thought went into the naming of one of the most popular programming languages ‘Java’.

Similarly, programmers have given some fun and amazing names to different types of codes. Want to know which ones? Look here:  5 funny but delicious programming codes

1. Spaghetti Code:  Yep, Kareena Kapoor’s favorite dish is Spaghetti but she would never have any idea of the existence of the Spaghetti Code. Spaghetti code is a derogatory term used to refer to a source code which has a very complex control structure with excessive use of goto statements.

If you’re an inexperienced programmer or if you’ve made several modifications to your code over a period of time, you would have actually prepared Spaghetti.

In case, you’re writing assembly code, the chances of preparation of this ‘finger licking dish’ but not so awesome code increase manifolds.

Spaghetti Code image 85

2. Ravioli Code: Ravioli s a small pouch consisting of pasta, cheese, meat and vegetables. The last three are in fact hidden inside the pouch just like modules are hidden through encapsulation in object oriented programming.

So, the Ravioli code refers to a program structure that consist of very small loosely coupled program components having excessive separation and encapsulation, thereby leading to difficulty in code navigation.

Ravioli Code

3. Lasagna Code: Often called onion code, this refers to a type of program structure that consists of well defined separable layers. Each layer access the service of the lower layer through use of well defined interfaces.

But just because I used ‘well-defined’, don’t think it’s a good coding practice. The very name ‘onion code’ has been given to this for you cry while opening the layers of onions (ask your mom) and you also cry while you try to open up such coding layers and understand what’s in the code or try to debug it.

image 87

4. Macaroni Code: Who doesn’t love macaroni? It was one of my favorite dishes when I used to stay in hostel. A macaroni code is one that consists of small pieces of two or more languages mixed together to form a single document.

You might have never cooked macaroni at your home but you have certainly prepared macaroni code at least once.

Did you use SQL with PHP, SQL with C or anything like that where you used two programming languages? Yes you did! Congrats.. you’re  a cook now! 😛

Ravioli Code

5. Spaghetti With Meatballs Code: Meatballs in spaghetti – yum! But it isn’t so yum when it comes to programming.

This is a disparaging term used for programs that are loosely constructed using OOP paradigm. Most of the naïve programmers make such code where they do use the OOP but fail to make the code actually independent from the procedural approach.

Spaghetti with meatballs

So, how was it?  Did you like the 5 Funny but delicious programming codes? Which one have made? I am too eager to listen.. waiting for your response!

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  1. Ha Ha Liked your explanation for these well known programming codes. I liked your other articles also. Please check my blog which is about programming. We are also accepting guest post for programming related tutorials.

    Once again nice article.

    • Hello Rakesh, thanks 🙂
      I would definitely check your blog though being an Information Technology student, I have no interest in programming 😛 LOL
      Still, thanks for sharing the link 🙂

  2. Hi Manpreet,

    haha I loved the way you have explained them. 🙂 Being an IT Student myself I can understand that their names do sound funny and nice but the reality we face while working with them is disasterous. :p

    Enjoyed reading this article. It was entertaining lol. 😆

    Rohan Chaubey.


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