I love making mistakes but  it is not always a good thing for sometimes you have to suffer too much because of one silly mistake. This topic about telling you guys about the 5 biggest mistakes of my life came to my mind when I realized one of the most silly mistake I’ve ever made and seriously!  I am going to remember this mistake and talk about it till the time I actually become incapable of talking 😛 (read ‘I die’).

So, this video is about 5 biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life and yes, this is posted on the new channel I’ve made. I am not going to transfer my previous videos to this channel (I might do it in future but not right now). But this is for sure that all my personal and professional kinda videos would be aired only on this channel –The official Channel of Finix Post

Without talking too much, I am going to show you the video and I hope you enjoy watching it. I always welcome new suggestions. Connect with me on my social networks (I only use Finix Post profiles to connect with all of my readers) and start sharing about what you think of my work and what else you would like me to work on. I’ll be waiting for your reviews.


    • I don’t really know. I think it wouldn’t have survived for it was too small and it was a really big river ( a canal actually – one of the most dangerous ones in Punjab).
      Thank you for watching the video.. and seriously! It is a great compliment that you found it funny enough for I have always been bad at humor.


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