While most of us were disappointed by what Flipkart offered on their Big Billion Day, there is one event that won’t disappoint any of us this time. GOSF 2014. Great Online Shopping Festival was started by Google India two years back to help spendthrifts like us to shop online at heavy discounts and guess what! This year it is coming back.

Almost 300 online shopping giants have been invited to participate in GOSF 2014 and this would bring us a great opportunity – to shop more, spend more and SAVE more. But one needs to be very wise when it comes to shopping festival like GOSF 2014; for one needs to compete with huge number of fellow shoppers to grab the discounts first.

And that’s why it became necessary for me to share my tips that might help you out to get the best from this shopping festival GOSF 2014.

  1. Start Looking For GOSF Offers NOW: This is what you must do after you complete reading this article. There are number of websites that have already started offering discounts for the festival. The dates of the main event aren’t fixed yet(11,12,13 december are the probable dates), but still you can easily grab a number of discount coupons for yourself. I personally like these Amazon GOSF offers coupons, Snapdeal GOSF offers coupons, Ebay GOSF offers coupons from my preferred coupons site. Get them!

    GOSF 2014
    Source: fashionbazinga.com
  2. Make your Shopping List: The biggest issue that people face when it comes to grabbing big offers is that they aren’t sure whether they want a thing or not. Make a list of all the things you think you need right now – from gadgets to home appliances, from clothes to makeup accessories, get ready with all of it. Once you have this list, you would find it easier to make your decision on the big day. Tip: Don’t forget to write down the current price of the product. This would help you in calculating the amount of discount you’re getting.
  3. Be an early bird: It is always a loss to arrive late at a sale. Right? Then why do you get so careless about time when it comes to online shopping? On the Big Billion Day many people complained about the fake discount offers like pen drives at Re.1 but those offers were actually there. Many of my readers used up the offer and they loved it. Early birds are always at an advantage. So, keep track of my Facebook Page to know when the GOSF 2014 would begin and make sure you begin shopping as early as possible.

    early-bird- GOSF-2014
    Source: www.fabulous-femme.com
  4. Delay your winter shopping: I really need some good apparel for winters but guess what! I have decided to wait till December. Because in winter, during the three days of GOSF 2014, the internet would be flooded with unbelievable offers and huge discounts and that is really worth waiting for. So, if you’re buying new things now, don’t. Wait for it!

I hope these tips would help you to save money and get lucky. I am planning to shift to a new place in December and would require a lot of new things and this shopping festival is like a golden opportunity for me. What about you? Is there anything that you have been drooling for since a long time? Would you buy it if you get heavy discounts on that thing during the GOSF 2014?


  1. You don’t have to be rich to buy the items you desire. And even the rich looks at ways of buying whatever they need cheap. These are great tips to stretch your money a little and buy 3 or 4 items with the money that can only buy 2 at normal prices. Happy shopping.

  2. Hi Manpreet,
    The post is really nice. Actually I like the term GOSF very much. Thanks for updating me as I was planning to go on winter shopping.


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