The month December 2013 brought much sad news to us. A lot of our favorite personalities said good bye to us and entered the other world. While I have felt really sad for their demise, I felt an equal amount of sadness for the people who were close to them and appreciated them (fans, critics, well wishers etc.)

If you talk about Bollywood, the biggest Indian film industry, there are many young faces that are unveiled each year. While all of them are extremely talented, only a few get successful enough to make a special space in the hearts of their audience. Today’s list talks about 10 Bollywood actors who have not only made a very special space in our hearts but also left a void in many lives related to them. They are the Bollywood actors who died an untimely death and left the human world at a very young age.

  1. Jiah Khan – She was found hanging in her apartment in year 2013. This news came as a very big shock for many of her fans and well wishers. The young girl who debuted in Bollywood with movie Nishabd opposite The Amitabh Bachchan is no more.
  2. Amjad Khan – ‘Kitne aadmi they?’ This dialogue by him has been repeated under each and every roof of the country. Most popular for his role in ‘Sholay’, Amjab Khan died in 1992 at a young age due to a heart failure.
  3. Sanjeev Kumar – The ‘Thakur’ of Sholay also died at a very young age.
  4. Nirmal Pandey – He is known for the negative roles in a number of Bollywood movies. This talented actor died in 2010 in his mid forty’s.
  5. Meena Kumari – This very talented Bollywood actress, well known for her movies like ‘Phool aur Pathar’, died in 1972 due to Cirrhosis.
  6. Divya Bharti – though her career in Bollywood was short, yet she is considered as one of the most talented Bollywood actresses ever born. In 1993, she fell down from a building and died.
  7. Vinod Mehra – A heart attack took life of this actor on October 30, 1990.
  8. Smita Patel – In 1986, this actor died just within two weeks of giving birth to her son – Prateik Babbar.
  9. Madhubala – This woman is still remembered for her beauty and her talent. In 1969, she died due to heart illness.
  10. Parveen Babi – She has been known for her glamorous roles in a number of Bollywood movies. In 2005, she died under mysterious circumstances.

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  1. It’s really a sad thing that so many talented actresses & actors died at a younger age.

    Your post is a good compilation. But do you think – Parveen Babi falls in this category? I think she was around 55 yrs at the time of her death!

    nice post 🙂

    • Hello Akash, yes she was of 55 years when she died but due to the kind of death she met, I couldn’t resist the urge to include her name. Also, she had left film industry much before than that due to her illness.
      Thank you for admiring the work I did. 🙂
      Keep visiting Finix Post. There would be better stuff over here very soon.. 2 days left..


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